I knew you were there.

He has a small frame.

What's your motivation?

You're asking me a question I can't answer.

Jussi was scared to death.

That's the true account of what happened.

A good name is better than wealth.

The runner is running on the running track.

Dale spent most of his life in the United States.

I told her I needed some air.

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He climbs trees easily.

Be just and you will be happy.

I'm not in love with them.


I need a haircut.

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We were poor, but we were happy.

She showed great interest in the photos.

Are we good to go?


Merril went on working.

Gil was fucking Suwandi while translating this sentence on his Android device.

In any case, I don't like it because I don't!


I'm Francesco.

Here, why don't you let me do that for you?

I love comedies.

We need to do our best.

Dorian is average.

He's smarter than them.

Nevertheless I think the experiment was successful.

She has a photographic memory.

He amused the children by singing.


You don't have to stay to the end.

I used to walk in the cemetery in my youth.

Owen promised Cris he wouldn't tell John what she had done.


That's what I don't know yet.

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Do you have any idea why Brent isn't here?

Sometimes an Italian street musician came to town.

Matthieu was a stranger.

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Antonio leaned his cane against the chair.

Can you smell anything?

I looked for him.

She broke into her husband's safe and stole all the money.

Andrew must be rich.


That's something I learned from reading history.

I meant to give these to you.

Can you tell me where to put this?


I've got a little job for you.

I am Ragnar's custodian.

Heinrich was convicted of first-degree murder.

Please keep your voice down.

Some people think that Earth will be invaded by aliens.


Is reality really real?


I want to know where Loyd lives.

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Worrying doesn't take away tomorrow's concerns, but it does take away today's power.

I'm sorry, but I can't.

She advised him to stop taking that medicine.

May I open a can?

I just ignore them.


Loving is half of believing.

I promise that this discussion will be the last of its kind.

I'm fed up with your complaining.

"There's a rumor going around that Ravindran likes Darin." "I find that hard to believe."

We should listen to Fletcher.

He is looked after by his aunt.

Is one of you Norma?

Last night I fell asleep quickly.

Hector bought some apples and made apple sauce.

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Vistlik is in the hospital waiting room.

Are you saying you can see into the future?

I would like to focus attention on the particular design that best represents Emmet's concept.


Now tell me, how much does a card cost?

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We can talk.


Let's discuss that problem tomorrow.

Ricky may not be as good at French as you think.

There is little milk in the glass.

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I'm debating whether I am perplexed, wondering, or astounded.

From early morning I had been oppressed by a strange melancholy.

I have absolute confidence in your judgement.

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Raanan says he's disappointed.


I like my coffee without sugar.


He kissed me passionately.

Don't be so sensitive.

Did it make you angry?

What was the name of that little shop in Boston where Donovan worked?

There's around 6 billion people in the world.

He can speak Japanese.

Spy acts like a tough guy.


Since I plan to have quit my job by that time, maybe I could go!

I've got three hours to find Ramsey.

We need to be realistic.

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Why are we dealing with Suzanne?

Analyn sold the cow.

Samir doesn't really want me to come.

I've been trying to remember what happened.

You can play this game in different ways.

Not to brag, but I have a pretty high IQ.

There isn't a second to waste.


It would mean a great deal to me.

I have to tell her.

Huashi said he didn't eat meat.

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It's hard to figure out what's going on.

Right now, I'm not hungry.

I'm pregnant.

Tuan can barely read.

I found a coin on the sidewalk.

I'm not acquainted with Stephen.

Kyoto is an exceptionally pretty city.

Stay out of it.

Either Warren is wrong or I am.

Jeanne collapsed because of the heat.

She's getting old.

If I don't do it, it won't get done.

I'm sure she will return soon.


There was plenty of traffic.

I love him all the more for his faults.

We've come to get you out of here.

The teacup fell down and shattered.

I tried to talk Mick out of it, but he wouldn't listen.

Many are convinced that he is resistant to advice.

Hazel was in the hospital for over a week.

Don't be coy.

I left her in charge.

I let him go.

Haven't you figured it out yet?


I'm a student in a university.

Do you want bread?

I tried to investigate his opinion indirectly.

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Roxanne could see Samuel's disappointment.

Why don't you have lunch with Liz?

Scientists have been discovering new drugs, so there is always hope for the unconscious person.


Many people use Anglicisms because they don't know how to rewrite them, since there are no alternatives in their own languages. Thus, we see it as our task to think of good alternatives, lovingly and imaginatively.

It must be terribly difficult, running her household on her own after divorcing.

This is Amir's handwriting.

I was mixing you up with your older brother.

Toufic will find her.

Napoleon Bonaparte feared black cats.

An animal can be much more dangerous when injured.

Let's keep this matter between ourselves.

It makes us feel safe.

I'd like you to meet a friend of mine.

Don't leave like this.

I cannot help thinking about him.

"Are you a teacher?" "Yes, I am."

She has a wicked tongue.

Duane lied about how old he was.

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I wish I had gone with the others to the game yesterday.

When I'm in a bad mood, I start to sing.

She's wrapped up in her children.

We've had a lot of chances.

You will be interested to know that we have just introduced our new Managing Director, Mr Masaru Ezaki.

Has Marika ever visited Japan?

I think I'll throw some of my old clothes away.

You know you were right.

Do you want me to open the window?

When she saw that the people were hungry, she begged for food for them.

Don't hate me.

Having made an unwavering decision, he started to make plans to fulfill his dreams.

I have a lot of homework to do today.


Isn't Himawan cute?

Mechael didn't want to go any further.

The news of his death spread around.

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Did you tell on her?

We all missed you.

We bagged the fruits and vegetables.


People could get injured.


I'm doing just fine.