Ritchey bought himself a new toothbrush.

I hope nothing's wrong.


The meeting was not particularly well attended.

He doesn't want to get married.

It was careless of him to make such a mistake.

Even if he is busy, he will come.

It happened for a reason.

Her ideas are quite original.

Pamela isn't timid.

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Elisabeth agreed to help Kriton clean the kitchen.


Frictions between Japan and the U.S. are easing up for a change.

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You can't deny that what Elliott is saying is true.

I shook hands with Jane.

I have been taking ballet lessons since I was three and hope to be a ballerina.

Why can't you go now?

The outside of this box is green, but the inside is red.

He is a member of the fraternity.

Since Hiroyuki is an honest person, I like him.

Your whole life is before you.

Promises won't butter any bread.

An ostrich can't fly.

I don't quite know yet.

I just want to see them.

I have no information on her.

The Collosseum is the very icon of Rome.

It was very kind of you to make dishes while I was down.

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Laura doesn't think Lindsay is busy.

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Don't forget to let the dog in.


We won't be able to keep this a secret forever.

Before relating the rest of the scene, it might not be useless to describe the place where it occurred.

You have no sense of direction.

I thought I'd surprise them.

He intimated that all is not well in his marriage.

I promise I won't damage anything.

Manavendra didn't really want to go out with Angus.

Mitch put the tray down on the coffee table.

I didn't tell him anything.

This child talks like an adult.

There's a stack of comic books on Bret's desk.

Terrence plays soccer.

We had trouble getting into the disco.

They all just looked at her.

To hear her speak English, you would take her for an Englishwoman.

Give me a break.

We bought some vegetables and fish at the market.


Why do I need help?

He's someone who keeps his promises.

She was too heavy on the perfume.

It happened right here three years and four days ago.

Maybe I should spend a few minutes with Belinda alone.


Drew was beginning to feel happy.

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I had hardly checked in at the hotel when he called me.

Joni jotted something in his notebook.

It's only her.

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How high above sea level are we?

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Someone grabbed me from behind.

I didn't hear her coming.

They're cold.

The horse ran through the fields.

We happened to meet again through a strange coincidence.

Nineteen states voted in the elections of 1816.

I was trying to make you laugh.

Thanks for rescuing me.

How often do you do things out of spite?


It's almost empty.

It's still too cold to go down to the water.

Don't go to that kind of a place at night.

I keep sneezing.

The mail arrives before noon.

One milliard adults are illiterate.

Is that a yes or a no?

It wasn't much of a party.

Lana is leaving for three months.

You must not talk to each other in class.

I was talking to you.

My body is not so flexible as it used to be.

I don't discriminate.


We trusted you.

Adrian isn't as smart as you.

Can I get half a kilo of chicken legs, please?


I have just been to the airport to see my friend off.

She went shopping.

Stop teasing me.

How many guests are you planning on?

Are you young?

I think that recording is important.

That's all quite true.

He is also a new student.

He yawned widely.

Hotta would love this.

Is anything missing from your pocketbook?

Our teacher seldom laughs.

Do you go to college?

You don't need to answer right away.

The company has unofficially decided to employ me.

I'll ask Joon to make you something to eat.

I don't even have time for a walk.

I wrote you a letter.

I appreciate anything you can do.


Education is a critical element.

Miriamne had no intention of ever seeing Donal again.

She is too rich to become a thief.

Look, let's just take the hit and count our losses.

He could be found at 6 o'clock every morning in the barn, milking the cows.

Hey, I know how you feel.

Marsh is far from satisfied with Trying's work.

Sue locked the door so only he and others with keys can get into the room.

Pantelis is going to make it on time.

Poverty prevented him from attending school.

I just want it to stop.

I don't need to talk to Julian.

That's just fine.

The newspaper is free.

Would you mind if I slept here?

Make it fairly alcoholic.

At the age of seventeen, he fled his native village.


Ragnar and Bucky will have their 13th wedding anniversary soon.

Sir was put in a nursing home.

"Good morning. You're a bit late today, aren't you?" "Yes, I ran into a bit of trouble."

Could you be more careful?

We've been through this already.

Summer is coming.

You almost hit me.

I don't have any complaints.

Do you have my money?


It makes sense now.


I'll be completely honest.

She's hardworking and dependable.

The ship proceeded to her destination.


He winded himself when he fell off the swing.


Dalton won't be afraid of you.

I don't think you could ever do that by yourself.

It is severely cold this winter.

They intend to get married tomorrow.

Radek and Monty live together.

Lyndon is unlucky.

Never did I dream that George would cheat me.

Anatole gave me a book.

The police checked up on each car.


That is a pencil.

The Golden Horde wreaked havoc and death all around Eurasia.

Don't be overconfident.


He dashed to catch the last train.

I wish I'd written that.

My house is on a hill.

You know, I'm actually glad Deb called.

I didn't touch it.


He turned around and looked back.


Kazuhiro lives off-campus.


I have to study all the time.

Dorothy and her friends continued their journey heading for Emerald city.

Don't ask who he is.

Farmers sow seeds in the spring.

Where are her sentences?

Did Lee give you any other suggestions?

How'd you like to go to Boston with us?


She was at a loss for an answer.

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We're not getting married.


We realized it was pointless.

What book did you buy?

She purposely showed off her dress.

Polar bears live in the Arctic.

I am good friends with Beth.


What a hot day!

That's an improvement.

At last, Mario managed to win the princess's love.

A man who lacks resourcefulness is useless.

Marek approved it.

Don't let me keep you.

Give me a little bit of that.